Lightweight automation tool.
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Tesuto is a minimalist and lightweight tool for testing. Tesuto designed to be easy to set up and be as fast as possible. Tesuto allows developers to focus on solving deployment problems.


From releases

  1. Go to the releases section and select the version you want to install.
  2. Download archive and unpack it.
  3. Place executable file to the location that exists in the PATH environment variable.

If you cant run executable with error permission denied, run sudo chmod +x <path_to_tesuto> to make it possible to run it.


  1. Download rustup and install it by following instructions.
  2. Run cargo install --locked tesuto and wait until end of compilation.
  3. Tesuto ready to use.

Build from source

  1. Download rustup and install it by following instructions.
  2. Clone this repository and enter it directory.
  3. Run git checkout latest to use sources from latest version or git checkout main to use unstable version.
  4. You can run cargo build to build executable with debug info or cargo build --releases to build version with optimizations.


Look up in file for guides.

Project layout

├─ imgs/           Images for README.
├─ target/         Build directory.
└─ tesuto/         App source code.